Introducing Rightman Group and Its Affiliated Corporations

Rightman Group is the website that represents the two affiliated corporations, Rightman Management Consulting Inc. and Rightman entertainment Group Inc.

Rightman Management Consulting Inc. is an active consulting company focused on providing sound and up-to-date information and training platforms for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Rightman Entertainment Group Inc. is a media production and marketing company focused on the production of television, satellite, online, and web-based programming for various markets around the world.

Ed. Saleh, the driving force behind our group brings a unique blend of passion, expertise, and a profound thirst for knowledge to the world of media production.

  • A Global Journey of Education and Exploration:

    Born in Iran, Ed. embarked on an inspiring journey that would eventually lead him to the United States and later to Canada, where he pursued his education and established his residency. It was during these formative years that he honed his keen interest in both the sciences and theology, culminating in a distinguished doctoral degree.

  • A Lifelong Passion for History and Archaeology:

    Ed.’s unwavering fascination with history, archaeology, and the uncovering of ancient sites, especially those connected to early Christian civilization, has been a guiding light throughout his life. His quest for knowledge and exploration brought him to the heart of Turkey, where the ancient lands of Asia Minor revealed their hidden treasures.

  • From Television to Documentaries:

    While Ed. boasts a rich background in media production, including television, it’s his recent foray into the world of documentaries that has truly ignited his creative spirit. With “The Journey,” he has harnessed his passion for storytelling and historical discovery to bring captivating narratives to life on the screen.

Collaborative Excellence

Ed. Saleh’s mission is clear: to unearth the past, share its stories, and inspire a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of history, culture, and civilization. Join us on this incredible journey through time, led by our visionary executive producer, Ed. Saleh.

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